We’ve Moved to www.bbrtb.info

Check us out !! Our new website is now live at www.bbrtb.info. We are also on Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/300677343353553/

Check out the downloadable self-guided walking tour of the National Register Historic District.

This historic walking tour is designed to start near the town’s wharf, but you may follow any path that you’d like. Use your own smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player or borrow an audio player from the Grundy Library.

Come Experience the Magic of Historic Bristol Borough

‘Welcome Friend’ has served Historic Bristol Borough as a motto since a wooden sign greeted the Marquis de Lafayette on his ‘Farewell Tour of America’ in 1824. The original sign still hangs within the Borough Hall, where it continues to greet newcomers as well as locals.

More than three centuries have passed since the town’s first European settlers occupied the 262 acres along the Delaware River now known as Bristol Borough. Many of the original homes are still standing and are part of the historical architecture reflected in the residences and public building of the town. The oldest known building is the Friends’ (Quaker) Meeting House, built circa 1711.

Easily accessible via Septa, I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Bristol Borough has been able to maintain its small-town charm and local business appeal through careful planning and economic development.

The terminus of the 60 mile Delaware Canal from Easton, Pennsylvania, Bristol is one of several Landmark Towns that celebrate such an important heritage.

Because of Bristol’s location as a crossroads and due to its industrial history, the town has a long attracted and accepted a diverse citizenry. Four monuments in the riverfront park served as a reminder of the town’s cultural diversity and festivals centered on ethnic heritage are held annually. During the summer months, free weekly concerts are provided in Riverfront Park by the local Lions Club. In autumn, the historic society sponsors Historic Bristol Day reminiscent of the great fairs held in town during the colonial period.

Historic Bristol Borough has much to offer for today’s visitors. The Bristol Riverside Theatre is an award-winning professional regional theater that stages productions year round. The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library is a state-of-the-art facility that serves not only as an information center, but also as a place where children and adults can expand their knowledge by attending programs, lectures, and events. Next to the Library is the Grundy Museum, a Victorian-era house museum that offers free guided tours and exhibits the elegant belongings of the former occupants. An indoor ice rink and recreation center attracts both children and adults.

So, Welcome Friend! Please explore our other pages to see what Historic Bristol Borough has in store for you!

5 Responses to We’ve Moved to www.bbrtb.info

  1. Phil Paolella says:

    We need bumper stickers “BB Welcome Friends!”

    • Robin Butrey says:

      Bristol Cultural and Historic Foundation has Bristol bumper stickers for sale. They do sell many of their items at Anne’s Great Id’s, Mignoni Jewelers, Spice & Co. and Bird of Paradise. BCHF also sells many Bristol items at all the events in town and on Historic Bristol Day.

  2. jose l. acevedo says:

    This is a great site that I think will attract alot of interest. Thanks to all who had a hand in making this site.

  3. Bill Pezza says:

    Kelly States has done great work on the RTB website. Another tool to showcase our wonderful town.

  4. Lee ann stellato says:

    Good idea!!!

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